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Over the years I have had the privilege of presenting my work through the Heartland MakerFest. A wonderful organization that supports, uplifts, and encourages artists from all over. I wanted to post just a couple of the outfits I’ve done over the years. All are made from recycled materials! Can you guess what I used?(leave me your guess in the comments) Enjoy!

Recycled Collection

Heartland Maker Fest 2015 Come join the party!

What is Maker Fest you ask? Well, they are a wonderful community that make it their mission to Inspire, Empower, and Connect Artist and Creative folks like myself. Below is a little more information about the group and what they do. Be sure to come out and support not only myself but the countless others that are going to be apart of this wonderful day. Oct. 3 2015 at 201 Lincoln Square, Urbana, IL 61801
About the Heartland Maker Fest
October 3rd, 2015 | Lincoln Square Mall

The Heartland Maker Fest is Makerspace Urbana‘s annual event celebrating the amazing makers in Urbana-Champaign and the surrounding communities. We wish to:

  • Inspire By searching for creative and unique makers to exhibit at the festival we hope attendees are inspired by the creative projects of others.
  • Empower By focusing on hands on experiences we hope people feel empowered to make their own projects a reality.
  • Connect By creating a free and open public festival we hope to connect attendees to the local resources they need to help make their ideas come to life.

Who is a Maker? Anyone who likes to make things! An example of some the diverse fields include: arts, crafts, engineering, music, science, technology, Do-It-Yourselfers and many more.

Who organizes the event?  Volunteers! Many of whom are from Makerspace Urbana, Central Illinois Aerospace (CIA), the CU Community Fab Lab, and other great organizations. If you are interested in helping organize just email us at

Meet the Makers: Maker Girl

Meet the Makers: Maker Girl

We have an exciting new maker organization joining us this year! MakerGirl is a group with a goal to introduce girls from the ages of 7 to 10 to STEM fields. By running all various types of unique and fun 3D printing sessions at the Illinois Maker Lab they have…

Meet the Makers: Fashion Remade

Meet the Makers: Fashion Remade

We’re happy to announce Ja Nelle Pleasure will be returning to the fest this year to share her talents for turning recycled materials into new garments. Last year, she created a wonderful hands-on experience helping people create their own fashion accessories. …

Meet the Makers: Makerspace Urbana

Meet the Makers: Makerspace Urbana

Makerspace Urbana, a working group of the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center, is dedicated to enabling the blend of arts, humanities, science and technology. Our mission is to provide an open community lab where people of diverse backgrounds can learn,…

Meet the Makers: Dot Dot Dot T-Shirts

Meet the Makers: Dot Dot Dot T-Shirts

We are excited to welcome Jes Swift to Heartland Maker Fest as a new Maker! Jes Swift is a graphic artist making original designs for print and upcycling t-shirts into clothing and accessories. She has been making shirts, clothing, graphic art, and candles for over 10…

Meet the Makers: CUC Fab Lab

The Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab has truly become a staple of the DIY/Maker community in Champaign Urbana. They were always a favorite at the UC Mini Maker Faire and will be returning to the Heartland Maker Fest to show off all they have to offer. Be sure to…


New Beginnings

Hello out there!!!

It has been quite a long time since I have been with you all. This is a new dawn and new things are on the horizon, for starters I have finally hired some help!!!!! So now I don’t have to do all the work myself and I can keep you updated on the things going on in my world! I also will have a website which will be up and running soon so you can purchase and check out the latest of what is going on with Royel Bijou.

Exciting things this summer! Can’t wait for you to see it!

Have an awesome and blessed day!

Recycled Collection

Where have I been all your life?

LOL this must be the question on the day, at least for those that follow my blog. I have been revamping how I do things and how often I post them as well. (What is taking so long lady?) I have no idea. Here are some things I have been up to though. Check out my friends blog you may find someone you know on there.  😉 I’ll post the link here:

It’s summer time so you know what that means. BUSY BUSY BUSY!! Taking children here and there. Making things for folks and preparing for the Fall!

I will have a new website that will have clothing and jewelry that you can purchase from me by the end of the summer! I am excited you should be too! There will be a lot of new things that you can rock in your own closets! I’ll keep you posted!

So send me a note tell me what is new in your world of fashion.  I am thinking of having another summer contest details to come soon.

Take care all and Be Blessed


Recycled Collection

It’s a Celebration!

12 years ago my world changed in a way that I never thought it would. While other young ladies my age were married and on child number 3 or 4. I was quietly praying that I would not be in their shoes anytime soon. I was comfortable being on my own. I didn’t have the stress of having a man judge me to see if I was worth having around or even trying to pressure me to get what he wanted out of me. I was a kept woman and in Love with one man who gave me everything I could ever want (Jesus)

I was prepared in my heart and mind to live my days alone without a mate. I was content and not upset (although I had many people who thought it was all a show and that I really wanted a husband) What they didn’t realize was that I suffered from too much rejection and like sweet brown would say Ain’t nobody got time for that! I loved my work, I had decent friends, and I was above all secure within myself.

That all changed, I think God had something else in mind that I wasn’t aware of at the time. He introduced me to Chris Pleas I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was nervous because I really liked him but being in a relationship would ruin my “good life” I already had mapped out. What I loved most about him was that he wasn’t pushy, or puffed up. He had a genuine heart and grace that I had not seen in a man in a loooong time.

We became friends rather quickly and even got engaged right away but the best part is we waited for 2 years before we got married. To make sure we weren’t just rushing in, or just feeling the romance. We got to know one another, learn about each other. I found in him a loyal, loving, honest to goodness friend. Many folks saw how he and I interacted with one another and just knew we were living an (unclean life together)

Which made us laugh because My husband is the only man whom I have ever know in that way and the fact I waited for 24 years to “give” myself to a man and that man turned out to be my husband…well shoot that is a testimony within itself. He is truly the best man and father that I know. I was scared to death 10 years ago when I had my daddy walk me down the isle to meet the man that I would allow to take care of all of me. I LOVE THIS MAN from the bottom of my soul. I am happy that we have made it this far.

No it hasn’t been easy for us by a long shot, but we have been able to make it work. I am a blessed woman. I don’t need to brag about our marriage or cut it down. God brought us together for a great purpose and I can’t begin to tell him thank you for the gift he has giving me. When so many young people are getting married just to have the wedding. We got married to have a marriage. I am grateful for that. So Happy Anniversary Christopher L.J. Pleasure. I am a blessed woman for being your wife. I look forward to many more crazy years with you. 🙂

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Royel Bijou Spring 2013 Catalog

Hey everyone!

It has been a while since I have been able to get on here and do my rants on the world of fashion, turns out that I have had a rough go of things these last few months.

However I won’t let that dampen the mood here. I am back and though I am not 100% I am at a point where we can pick up and carry on! So I will start this week off with my Spring Collection for 2013 it is finally here! Yay!! Check out the catalog and if you see if there is something in there you want me to make just for you. Next to the prices that there are a couple of colors, those are the colors I have in stock right now to make the clothes with. If you have another color in mind let me know. If you like the silhouette but not the pattern or color let me know, and we can work with that. More than anything enjoy the fashion. I love to keep things simple. I find that most the time simple is a bit more elegant.

So take a look at the catalog and let me know your thoughts!

Be Blessed until we meet again!

Ja Nelle