One day closer

Hey everyone!

Sunday is here and I have had a busy couple of days. For instance I have been on a model search, and thankfully I have found two more to add to my crew Yay. I have been planning for the  launch which will be coming up soon. Had our first rehearsal for the dance company I am apart of. We had one baby that had to be rushed to the E.R. no worries the little one is a trooper and is doing fine. Did a  lot of gardening and last but not least I have been sewing myself silly. I can’t wait for you all to see this Fall collection. I have a couple of dresses in the mix and some really neat jackets in the collection as well. I will be looking forward to this week especially, I hope to have pictures up for you to get a sneak peak before the big reveal. Stay tuned there will be more to come and soon.

Have a wonderful evening and Talk to you in a couple of days.


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