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The Emmy’s Do’s and Don’ts

Good morning!

So every year we are presented with different music, and movie award shows. Highlighting what people are wearing, the latest styles and some styles that are not so hot. Wheather people are trying to make a statement or just looking to get through the night the world gets a glimpse of what the famous people are wearing. What I thought I would do is take a few of the garments and talk about how they either work for that person or could use some improvement. We all wear clothes, however we have to make sure that we wear the clothes and not the other way around. So here is our first couple,

Kevin Coster and Christine Baumgartner

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner – in shades and a three-piece suit – and wife Christine Baumgartner  in a full length lava print silk gown. What I like about these two is that with their outfits they are not trying to hard. The are very comfortable and laid back. Kevin with his open collar, and no tie. I always say less is always more. Here the couple did a fantastic job keeping things simple. Christine has very little by way of accessories. When you have a busy pattern you need to keep everything else clean and simple and age appropriate. From me they would receive an A.


Next up we have:

Zooey Deschanel

64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Zooey is known for her quirky sense of style, but her strapless blue gown was a little too precious for words and not in a good way Not only did it have way too much tulle, but the coloring for her skin tone was way off. This made her look washed out. On top of that she had bright red lipstick which makes her look old and the black hair in a bun a big no no. How would I fix this outfit. Let’s start by getting her a little bit of a tan. To bring some color to her skin. I would get rid of the red lipstick and replace it with a lighter shade and amp up her eyes. I would take her hair out of that bun and let it flow with big flowy curls and have it brushed to one side. Zooey for me gets a C. She has the right ingredients she just used them in the wrong way for her body type.

Next up:

 Eric Stonestreet

64th Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

Eric my man where do I start. Fellas listen to me just because it is a suit does not mean that you will automatically look dashing in it. Helpful hint for a quick fix. If you are a top heavy man trying to wear a tight ill fitting jacket. Number one take the jacket and undo that lower button. Your not hiding you muffin top you are making that the focus. Next get rid of that bow tie it’s too small and your neck is a little larger you will need a longer tie to balance out that bulk, something with a slight pattern in it. Quick fix and it will take at least 5 years off your life. I give Eric a B-.

Last but not least:

Kerri Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerri Washington was gorgeous as usual in a sparkling gown by Vivienne Westwood. She wisely kept accessories to a minimum, less is more. What I love about this gown is that it hugs her body without being skin tight. Ladies you don’t have to have your gowns skin tight to make it elegant. My only problem with this outfit was that her hair was a little boring. It could have made the outfit that much more had she add some not a lot of volume in the hair. All in all she gets an A-


There are many more that I can put up here, I wanted to give you a little bit of a taste of things that can work and things that don’t. Join me later to find out what else I can get into. Have a great day!


Changing the leaves…

Fall is upon us ladies and gents! That means warmer clothes, comfort foods, and a lot of focus attention on oneself. I love the post I put up earlier on keeping calm and love who you are. We are sometimes creatures of habit and find it hard to break free and step out and try something new in fashion. So here is my challenge for all of you out there. Guys you too. Post a pick of a new fashion style your going to try on yourself this season. If you aren’t sure on what you wanting to try, ask me! I love to offer what tips I can to break you free from habits! I’ll even post a pic of some of the things I am going to try this season. OK you have your assignment now go for it! I can’t wait to see what we come up with.


Random thought…

Alright so I was thumbing through some of my latest Facebook buddies post and I admit I love the shoes that I have been seeing: For example these right here. Now these are hot. I would probably wear them if I stood oh I don’t know 4’2 and thin as a rail and wanted the extra height. However I am closer to 200lbs and 5’11. Can someone tell me why you would create a shoe that would cause loss of balance the moment they are put on with the risk of looking foolish while lying on the ground trying to pretend you just lost a contact so no one would suspect the shoes being the culprit. I am just saying. To make matters worse for me I wear a size 12 shoe. That is like a boat LOL. OK I will stop with my rant, I just thought I would ask your opinions about this fashion craze. Are we for them or against them?


A Reworking

Hey everyone!

So I sat down with a friend of mine and really took to heart some things that were said. She asked me “What’s your purpose?” I must admit that was pretty deep question for 11am in the morning and for a mother of three sitting in the library watching my 2 year old play chef. Yet it spoke to me in a way that I will always be grateful for. So I thought upon this for a minute then it clicked. I knew right then and there what my purpose was. To feel as great on the outside as I do on the inside. I know what your thinking, a bit on the pretentious side, but no that is the truth. I struggled for a long time about my “image” as a wife, a mother, and as myself and in that order. I had an ideal about who it was I wanted to present when I walked out of my house each day.

Oh course I am not speaking to you from on high. I am not sitting in my little world with the riches at my feet. Shoot most days I can at least have my ends waving at me and then it’s a great day. So what will happen next for Royel Bijou? Just this simple I will be introducing a new line of thinking not just about how much you have but how to look good in what you where even if it isn’t the lastest Vera Wang. I will show you some secrets of the trade that no one is willing to share unless you pay them $9.99. You can take anything (yes really anything) and turn it into the best fit for your body that you have ever know. You can think of me as your own personal Material MacGyver. We will embark on a journey that you will never forget.

So give me a week to revamp and rework the site. Once that occurs then watch out ladies and gents, buckle your safety belts because it’s going to be crazy over here.

So just remember “Always feel beautiful in the clothes and jewelry you wear.”

Tips and Tricks

Fashion Tips and Tricks

Morning everyone!

So I am in the process of trying to figure out how to bring you all more than just fashion, but tips and tricks in the industry and for everyday life. Let’s begin with some tips on how to have a successful fashion photo shoot. I believe these tips will also help in taking everyday photos as well. Every week I will have guest on to tell you about things you can do to look your best and feel your best. I’ll provide the fashion!! Let’s have some fun!!

Eleven tips for a great photo shoot!

  1. Ask your models to wear a zip-up hoodie. This way they can get their hair and makeup done and it won’t be wrecked when they change.
  2. You’ll need to feed the models but make sure it’s something clean and easy to eat. No chicken! It can leave a greasy residue that can smudge their outfit. Better choices are fruit, crackers, and cheese with toothpicks.
  3. Bring straws so your models can drink without having to re-touch their lipstick all the time.
  4. Bring a pair of white sport socks for you to throw on as you walk across the backdrop. The photographer won’t want you getting things dirty with your shoes, not to mention that this will slow down your shoot.
  5. It’s common for models to bring a few pairs of their own shoes with them to help you style the shots. Don’t just expect they’ll do this! I know a designer who assumed the model would bring shoes so she didn’t prepare any shoes on her end and it wasted a lot of time.
  6. Bring nail polish remover. Sometimes models show up with hot pink nail polish and it doesn’t go with your look so be prepared.
  7. Make sure you see samples of previous work from your hair and makeup people before you book them. What you consider “soft and dewy” makeup compared to what they think can be drastically different. Photographers are often great about recommending hair and makeup people.
  8. Discuss with your photographer the rate for the shoot as well as the rate for photo editing. I hear about problems about these issues from clients every week! What starts out as a $350 shoot turns into triple that once the photos are edited and everyone ends up mad at each other.
  9. Even big model agencies like BMG and Ford often have “fresh faces” who will work for free to build their portfolio. It can’t hurt to call around and ask and try not to be intimidated! They can be brusque on the phone but I guarantee you there are models out there willing to work for free or for trade.
  10. Model Mayhem can be useful as well – Like anything, there are people on the site who are reliable and then some that are flaky. I’ve heard of a lot of designers who found hidden gems on Model Mayhem.
  11. Allow time for the photographer to get the pictures back to you – usually about a week.

These tips were brought to you courtesy of  Fashion Brain Academy.