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I’m Back Everyone!

Great day to you all!!


So as I mentioned over a week ago, I took some time off to take care of some very sick children. Now that we are all on the mend it’s time to get back to the nitty gritty of  the fashion world. Taking this time off gave me a great sense of how I can shape my website, my company, and each and everything I put my mind to.  This week we are going to focus on outfits for special occasions. What to wear with what and how to coordinate with your spouse without being matchy matchy . Take a look below, I have three different outfits that will provide comfort, warmth, and fun. Let’s begin shall we….

Ladies! You can never go wrong with a Chanel  two piece suit. One it provides warmth usually made from a twill or tightly woven material. Two it is functional because you can easily dress it up or keep it low key depending on what sort of top you place with it or the accessories. I will put those up in a moment. The other thing about this type of suit is that it can fit a lot of different body types and look amazing. For the gentlemen due to the lack of variety  in the fashion industry you have to be a little more creative and dress yourselves up with accessories. Take the example I have up above. Your basic three piece suit and here his tie and handkerchief compliments his date and keeps him stylish without being to matchy.  Men it is important to really have fun with your accessories even with a basic suit. Ladies back to you here are some accessories to go with your suit.

This combination gives to the ability to be chic and very simple at the same time.

The next outfit is for those who want to be a little more adventurous try this look on for size.


fall winter outfits 2012

Again great for different body types  a tapered waist dress with pencil type skirt bottom. Very sliming effect. Also great for every bust size.

Gentlemen you can play it up with color and pattern here. However you don’t want the pattern to be to busy it can easily distract the eye and make it uncomfortable to look at you. Keep the patterns small this effect also slims you.

Finally For those who are wanting to really take it to the next level

rina silk shantung special long occasion dresses

Go bold with a color with shimmer. Also don’t be afraid to go with some length. Unless you are smaller in height. For those who are under 5’6 I would take this look and cut off the bottom about 10 inches making it the proper length for your height.


Gentlemen take break form the traditional suit and don something a little more exotic. Adds intrigue and mystery and sex appeal. 

This week I am hoping to bring you different types of clothing to really prepare you for the holidays coming up. If you have questions or want me to help you out with an unique outfit to wear for your specific body type let me know. Have a great day and check me out in a couple of days.


One thought on “I’m Back Everyone!

  1. I really like the two piece suit at the top. It looks like it would work for just about anyone. Dad would probably wear the last photo of the India inspired jacket – but he’s like that. He could pull it off too. What a lot of choices!

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