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Sorry everyone! Last week I was suppose to bring you my picks from the American Music Awards 2012. I have a perfectly good explanation for that, my computer was down for a bit and on top of that life got away form me for a sec. However I am back and ready to give you want your wanting!

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you enjoy the day? Were you able to relish in the fact that your on the right side of the ground and that at least one person Loves you beyond measure? I hope so. My Thanksgiving was just that, I am truly thankful.

OK on to the fun stuff. Besides some of the acts being completely breath taking there were some not so great acts that shall remain nameless! However they did not let me down by way of fashion. I’ll give you my top three ladies and top three gents.

Let’s start off with Heidi Klum wearing her stunning Alexander Vauthier brocade dress complete with thigh-high split.

She's golden: The supermodel was still wearing her stunning Alexander Vauthier brocade dress complete with thigh-high split


Next one my list Carrie Underwood. This country superstar wore a stunning Aded Mahfouz Fall 2012 magenta gown


A Lady who always shows us that being a certain age should not limit your ability to be beautiful.

Gloria Estefan in a green metallic full length gown!


Now for the Gentlemen. For some strange reason the “hammer pants” were back in style on the red carpet. It was either that or the “prison swag thing” which i feel has gone a little too far in the fashion world, and not in a good way either. However there were at least a few gents whom I feel got it right. The winners are…..

The Band: The Wanted took it home for me. Each guy with his own style and yet somehow they all fit in one band. Awesome job guys!

Tom Parker - The 40th American Music Awards - Arrivals

Will-i-am Another fav of mine. His unique style always keeps you guessing!

will.i.am 2012 American Music Awards

Last but not least! it’s LUDAAAAAAA!! as in Ludacris He kept it clean ans simple.

Check back with me later on this week for some cool tips and tricks for getting through the Christmas season unharmed!!! Until then stay blessed!


2 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Loved your post, you are totally funny and insightful, per usual. Nice picks all around, but if Heidi Klum isn’t wearing some double sided tape, she might be in trouble if the wind kicks up.

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