Recycled Collection

To be or not to be? Is that really a question?

Hey guys and dolls,

We are starting a new week and I have been sewing like a basket case. I have discovered some things while preparing this collection and I think finally I have what some call in the industry “a point of view.” I never realized how important it was to have a point of view in fashion for me it was simple, if it fit and didn’t make you look like an over grown tomato then put it on and have a nice day. Fashion however is much more than that. It’s a form of expression, ideas, and even art. With that being said let me give you a run down on some of my favorite looks from the Grammy’s last night. The winners are………


Carrie Underwood wearing a  Roberto Cavalli gown. Gorgeous!

Kelly Rowland wearing Georges Chakra gown (I love the dress but if I were making it for me I would cover up a bit more of the see through spaces)

Florence Welch wearing a Givenchy gown. (Love the uniqueness of this gown I could be a ninja turtle but way more sophisticated)


Rihanna wearing  Alaia.

I won’t go into those dresses that did not appeal to me this go around because I still have a lot of work to get completed! Let me know your thoughts and post some of your favorites on here. My opinion isn’t the only one out there. Have a great week everyone! See you in a couple of days!


Fabric Fun! · Spring/Summer Collection

Here are the pics I promised!


My Spring Line Color palette. What do you think?

Photo: Working on my spring line. Early morning!

Hard at work this morning!

The 90 day challenge week three for me!

I thought I would give you a sneak peek at one outfit! I’ll post more later on.

Hit me up and let me know what your thoughts are.

Have a great day!