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Where have I been all your life?

LOL this must be the question on the day, at least for those that follow my blog. I have been revamping how I do things and how often I post them as well. (What is taking so long lady?) I have no idea. Here are some things I have been up to though. Check out my friends blog you may find someone you know on there.  😉 I’ll post the link here:

It’s summer time so you know what that means. BUSY BUSY BUSY!! Taking children here and there. Making things for folks and preparing for the Fall!

I will have a new website that will have clothing and jewelry that you can purchase from me by the end of the summer! I am excited you should be too! There will be a lot of new things that you can rock in your own closets! I’ll keep you posted!

So send me a note tell me what is new in your world of fashion.  I am thinking of having another summer contest details to come soon.

Take care all and Be Blessed