New Beginnings

Hello out there!!!

It has been quite a long time since I have been with you all. This is a new dawn and new things are on the horizon, for starters I have finally hired some help!!!!! So now I don’t have to do all the work myself and I can keep you updated on the things going on in my world! I also will have a website which will be up and running soon so you can purchase and check out the latest of what is going on with Royel Bijou.

Exciting things this summer! Can’t wait for you to see it!

Have an awesome and blessed day!

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Royel Bijou Spring 2013 Catalog

Hey everyone!

It has been a while since I have been able to get on here and do my rants on the world of fashion, turns out that I have had a rough go of things these last few months.

However I won’t let that dampen the mood here. I am back and though I am not 100% I am at a point where we can pick up and carry on! So I will start this week off with my Spring Collection for 2013 it is finally here! Yay!! Check out the catalog and if you see if there is something in there you want me to make just for you. Next to the prices that there are a couple of colors, those are the colors I have in stock right now to make the clothes with. If you have another color in mind let me know. If you like the silhouette but not the pattern or color let me know, and we can work with that. More than anything enjoy the fashion. I love to keep things simple. I find that most the time simple is a bit more elegant.

So take a look at the catalog and let me know your thoughts!

Be Blessed until we meet again!

Ja Nelle


Spring Catalog

I have been away for many weeks now with nothing to update any of you on. I sincerely apologize for that, I have a very valid excuse for this though. I have been under the weather for a bit and working on my Spring line collection. So see I wasn’t just off in la la land and leaving you all hanging. I hope very soon to have something for you to enjoy here in the next month or so. Until then hit me up let me know if there is something you have questions about or things you would like for me to put on this blog. I would love love love to hear from you. What is going on in your world?

Pictures to come very soooooooon!

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90 days…..and counting

Hey guys!

I have been kicking butt and taking names. My husband and I have been on this 90 day weight loss challenge, and I am  super surprise by the results. I have already lost 10 lbs! I have a lot more energy and can think way more clearly LOL! Other things that have been on the list are sewing and designing i will be posting picks soon. My good friend Laura Trovillion (an awesome photographer) has been kicking butt also getting her new Studio up and running. Check out her blog it’s amazing what she is doing for the women of her community.

My new catalog for the spring is coming under way. I had to take small break due to breaking my toe. 😦 Totally sucks yet it gave me a moment to really think things through and actually rest. I’ve got some fresh ideas and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

So I want to know what is going on in your world. Hit me up! I am posting some super inspiring songs, movies, quotes so just sit back and enjoy them. Talk to you all soon!


There are a couple of things on this one site but check it out!
The power of Storytelling (see above)

 Quote Quote

 Quote Quote

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What’s making Fashion news in your area?

Hey everyone!

So this post is a real simple and quick one. What is making news in your area? I live in Illinois and I must say they are not as fashion conscience as I would like. Yet everyday I run into a few fashionable folks here and there. It’s nice to have conversations with them and get a leg up on what’s new and hot.

OK so your assignment send me a shout out and I’ll post it on here. What is making fashion news in your area?

Till tomorrow then!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents………..

Hey Guys and Ladies!

This post will be a long one but it will be the last one for the year. I am heading into my cave to finish my spring collection! I wanted to leave you with some words, of well, I believe they are wisdom. Read on…

Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents- Jo March

Jo’s right. remember when she grumbled about not having any money for presents in the Little Women? Christmas is about gifts. Always has been. But we feel uncomfortable with this emphasis on gimme, gimme, gimme. Buy, buy, buy. Charge, charge, charge. We admonish our children to remember the reason for the season, even though we have difficulty remembering it ourselves when we’re caught up in the chaos and commotion of the holidays.

Today let’s ruminate on the Real role of gifts in the Christmas story. Those gifts were wrapped in miracles, which is probably why we can’t find them at the malls or in mail-order catalogs. The first gift was of Spirit: unconditional Love. The next gift came from a Jewish teenager named Miriam, who was known to her family and friends as Mary. Her Christmas present was selflessness, the complete surrender of ego and will needed to bring Heaven down to earth. The gifts of her fiance, Joseph, were trust and faith. He trusted that Mary wasn’t pregnant with another man’s child; he believed there really was a Divine Plan to get them through this mess. The Child brought forgiveness. Wholeness. Second chances. The angels’ gifts were tidings of comfort, joy, and peace, the reassurance that there was nothing to fear, so rejoice. The shepherd boy’s gift was generosity: his favorite lamb for the baby’s birthday present. The innkeeper’s wife’s gifts were compassion and charity: a warm, dry, safe place for the homeless family to stay, her best coverlet to wrap the new mother and little one, a meal for Joseph, the donkey’s fresh hay.

Three kings from the east traveled many hot, dusty miles following a bright star in search of a royal birth. The sages’ divination foretold the coming of the “King of Kings”; on their camels’backs were treasures with which to honor his arrival. But when they arrived in Bethlehem, they found the newborn prince in a cow stall instead of a palace. The shocked Wise Men unwrapped gold, frankincense, and myrrh, but their Real gifts were wonder, acceptance, and courage. They offered wonder by surrendering logic, reason, and common sense. Accepting the impossible, they suspended skepticism long enough to double-cross the insane King Herod, frantically searching for the child who would change the world. With courage at the risk of their own lives. The Wise Men helped the young family escape to a safe haven in Egypt.

Oh, yes. Christmas is all about gifts. Nothing but gifts. But such gifts! Gifts tied with heartstrings. Gifts that surprise and delight. Gifts that transform the mundane into the miraculous. Gifts that nurture the souls of both the giver and the given. Perfect gifts. Authentic gifts. The gifts of Spirit, a frightened teenage girl, her bewildered sweetheart, the Child, the angels, the shepherd boy, the inn-keeper’s wife. The gifts of the Magi.

Unconditional Love. Selflessness. Trust. Faith. Forgiveness. Wholeness. Second Chances. Comfort. Joy. Peace. Reassurance. Rejoicing. Generosity. Compassion. Charity. Wonder. Acceptance. Courage.

To give such gifts. To truly open our hearts to receive such gifts gratefully.

Christmas just won’t be Christmas without any presents!


This is just something to think about. These words were not my own I borrowed it from a dear woman by the name of Sarah Breathnach.

So before you get worked up about getting the perfect gift for others think of the real gifts that we were given and share those instead.

My love to you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Oh yeah I didn’t receive any stories for the contest. That is alright I will offer the opportunity again next year.

Take care and talk to you all soon!


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Christmas is coming…..

With the Christmas holidays right around the corner, people are stressing out even more. The slow economy, lack of money to buy things or go to places. It would seem from the outside that we are doomed for another depressing season. I say let’s rid ourselves of that mind set and try something new for a change. Let’s not worry about buying everything on our lists and sit around a table and talk with one another. Catch up on lives and watch a child smile. Sing songs to people who are lonely. Give a hug to a complete stranger. Smile at everyone you meet no matter how you feel?

OK off my soap box for  now 😉

I am in the process of creating my spring collection. So my holidays will be busy busy busy yet not in a bad way. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to create and this time you will see something for everyone in the family. I can’t wait!

I want to know what your plans on for the holidays. This will be another contest to win a gift certificate for an outfit from my spring line. I want you to write in less than 200 words what Christmas would be like for you if you did not have any money at all. What you would do to make it special?

So get on board , I will announce a winner Dec. 15th You can enter up until Dec. 8th

Make it creative and may the best person win.

Talk to you all soon!

P.S. If you want some ideas on gifts to make at home I’ll post stuff in a day or two!