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Design Ideas for my Fall/Winter Collection

Check out the fall coat ideas I am knocking around. Thumbs up or down? Let me know if you like the color choices as well.

preview - #5019 Short Coatpreview - #5477 Coat with asymmetrical closurepreview - #5317 Double breasted coatpreview - #5021 Short Double-Breasted Coatpreview - #5076 Raglan Coat with Front Zipper

I love the idea of creating a coat that is interchangeable with your wardrobe. You can wear  it as a dress, or keep it as a coat. I want to pull in materials that will work nicely with the designs as well.  So in the comment section below let me know your thoughts.

Take care until we meet again!

Fabric Fun! · Thoughts!


There are many things that inspire designers, for me it is the burst of color in the most unusual places. Take for instance this tree, if you were walking along the side of the road on a dreary afternoon and you happen to look up and you saw this what would your first thought be?

For me it would be like falling in love all over again with nature. Allowing me to reach the highest of heights. Color has it’s place and it would be here in my heart.

Announcements · Fabric Fun! · Thoughts!

What’s New

OK everyone I am back. I have gotten a hold of some amazing deals on material (thanks to a friend of mine). I will post pics soon of my loot!

Now the big question is what will I be working on for my Fall/Winter collection. I am going to use some rich and warm wools for some sleek jackets, I think you will like them.

I am going to be bold and try bright pops of color for the pants. Will this be fashion forward enough for you?

Right now I am working on a 12 piece collection for the fall season. I am super excited about this collection because I have been away from my sewing machine for the past two years. I have done many small projects here and there, now that I am finish with school and my family is getting back into our routine I am ready to hit the ground running. I hope you all will be just as excited to see the collection as I will be making it. I got in contact with my great friend and photographer Laura Trovillion who will shoot the collection. I am also gathering my models now. I’ll let you know if I am short on any. (wink)

Now just so you know I do Women’s, Men’s and Children clothing. My 2012 Fall collection will focus on the ladies and I will probably have a piece or two for the gentlemen and something for the kiddos. But this particular collection will focus on the ladies. Don’t worry my Spring collection 2013 will have the whole family!! Keep and eye out.

If you are in the Urbana, Illinois area, check out my 2012 Spring line which is at Wind Water and Light, a local artisan shop located in the Lincoln Square Mall. I put together an eclectic mix of African and Asian style tops, that can be styled with a simple pair of jeans or dressed up with  a pair of heels and some tights(the tops are pretty long). You will also find a few vests that can be paired with a nice pair of pants. I decided to stick with tops for this collection. A lot of people are still trying to lose that winter weight and need a transistion type of outfit, so the tops can give you the appeal of that great summer bod, while your working on getting that great summer bod. (don’t feel bad because I am working on that right now myself don’t let the pictures fool you.) WE CAN DO IT! Go and check out Wind Water and Light. Also if your in the mood for some Art there will be plenty of that as well.

Look for the pics of all my latest finds and some cool inspirations coming soon. I am looking for a new camera because my old one isn’t the best at catching the light. Nevertheless I will get those pics up!

Talk to you all soon

Ja Nelle

More exciting things to add to the mix. I am also making jewelry. I tried a new technique with spoons so we will see what I come up with,  you can check out my store front at jewelrywonder.com/royelbijou to see some of the things I have done, I will soon be experimenting with hats as well.

Don’t worry I will keep you all in the loop.

Shoot me a message let me know what colors you see coming down the line for the Fall season.

Also if there is something you want to see out there hit me up and let me know. Perhaps we can work something out.

As my motto states: If you can envision it I can make it. It’s my job to make you look and feel beautiful!