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90 days…..and counting

Hey guys!

I have been kicking butt and taking names. My husband and I have been on this 90 day weight loss challenge, and I am  super surprise by the results. I have already lost 10 lbs! I have a lot more energy and can think way more clearly LOL! Other things that have been on the list are sewing and designing i will be posting picks soon. My good friend Laura Trovillion (an awesome photographer) has been kicking butt also getting her new Studio up and running. Check out her blog it’s amazing what she is doing for the women of her community.

My new catalog for the spring is coming under way. I had to take small break due to breaking my toe. 😦 Totally sucks yet it gave me a moment to really think things through and actually rest. I’ve got some fresh ideas and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

So I want to know what is going on in your world. Hit me up! I am posting some super inspiring songs, movies, quotes so just sit back and enjoy them. Talk to you all soon!


There are a couple of things on this one site but check it out!
The power of Storytelling (see above)

 Quote Quote

 Quote Quote

 Quote Quote

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

I have been away enjoying my family for the past couple of weeks. I am sure you have been doing the very same.

Well I am back and now it’s time to party!! We are leaving behind the mistakes, broken promises we made to oursleves, failed goals we set in place. We’ve lost loved ones. Gained new ones and have discovered that this side of the ground is not so bad. We survived the impending doom of 12/22/2012, (haha had to put that in there) Now we hold our heads up high, put on our best duds, and kiss 2012 goodbye and welcome 2013 with open arms!

A quick PSA for all of you out there. Now there will be a lot of partying and possible drinking out there tonight. I want to quickly say that if you are going out tonight make sure you are safe and can make it to the 2013 year without ending up in the morgue. Drink and party responsibly! I want to see your lovely faces next year!


Now on to the Fashion….

What will you be wearing? If your in Illinois hopefully something warm it’s a monster out there. Gentlemen I have come across a really nice way to tie a tie. Check out my boy in this video.  It’s called the Eldredge knot very sleek!

You can’t tell me that, that isn’t wicked! Try it out and send me a pick if your were able to do it correct!

If your stuck and can’t figure out what to wear here are a couple of ideas for you!

For the guy who likes to keep it casual try this on for size.


Ladies I haven’t neglected you all. Check out the ideas I have in mind for you.

Women's New Year's Eve Style Guide

We can’t forget the hair and make-up. I am posting some fun holiday videos!

HOLIDAY HAIR TUTORIAL- Fast Short Hair Style ideas for Natural Hair

NO HEAT Holiday curls + Easy Hairstyles! (this girl is crazy!)\

Holiday Party Styles for long hair Winter

Hot 2012 Hairstyles

Holiday Make-up Tutorial (My Girl Antonia rocks!)


Whew! I think I have given you all enough to play with. Send me picks of your looks. Have a very and merry Blessed New Year. Talk to you all in a few days!

Plus I will post a pick of what I looked like for the new year! (try not to laugh to hard!)

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OK maybe it’s been fall for a while now. For me, I don’t normally consider it really Fall until the 1st day of October. Time for warm sweaters, pumpkin scented candles, and loads of hot spiced tea and cider. Another reason I love this month is, it just happens to be my birth month!! So to all of those born in the month of October Happy Birthday!!!

I have another great announcement to make as well. The Fall collection catalog will be out October 20th Yay!

I have a question for you and the information you will provide will be helping out a lot of people in the coming months! Every week I will have a question and answer forum for you. Let me know your thoughts and ideas. I love to hear from you all as well so if you have questions I will post those as well.

This week question is: What is your favorite thing to wear in the fall? Include pictures to share with others! I will go first this is my favorite thing to wear in the Fall.  I love a good off the shoulder knit sweater, so warm and comfy!


Changing the leaves…

Fall is upon us ladies and gents! That means warmer clothes, comfort foods, and a lot of focus attention on oneself. I love the post I put up earlier on keeping calm and love who you are. We are sometimes creatures of habit and find it hard to break free and step out and try something new in fashion. So here is my challenge for all of you out there. Guys you too. Post a pick of a new fashion style your going to try on yourself this season. If you aren’t sure on what you wanting to try, ask me! I love to offer what tips I can to break you free from habits! I’ll even post a pic of some of the things I am going to try this season. OK you have your assignment now go for it! I can’t wait to see what we come up with.